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A nonprofit for students, by students

Edunitiative is a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering free online educational resources for students amidst the pandemic and beyond

All Services Available Starting April 26, 2021

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1:1 weekly tutoring over Zoom on subjects ranging from STEM to the Arts. Check out our list of tutors and our available subjects!

On Demand Tutoring

24/7 Tutoring over Zoom whenever you need it. Just fill out registration and you'll have access to requesting tutoring in our server!


Email us at hotline@edunitiative.org! We give advice for extracurriculars and classes you should take, offer homework help, edit essays, and much more!

Study Buddies

Apply for a study buddy and have regular Zoom Meetings where you work at the same time! Boosts Productivity by a huge amount by enforcing accountability!

Join Our Team!

As Edunitiative is officially launching on April 26, we are in need of capable individuals to work behind the scenes! 

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Student-run nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free tutoring and endless educational opportunties for students.

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